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Account Limits/Import & Export
Import Limit
3000 Executions/ Month
Assets Supported
Stock, Stock Options, Futures, Future Options, Forex, Crypto currency, CFDs
Stock, Stock Options, Futures, Future Options, Forex, Crypto currency, CFDs
Trading Accounts Limit
Calendar Data
PnL, Earnings, IPOs, Splits
PnL, Earnings, IPOs, Splits
Auto-sync trades
Unrealized PnL Tracking
Deposits/ Withdrawal Tracking
Dedicated Notes Management Bounus: Create multi-type note templates!
Stop Loss Tracking
Commission & Fees Tracking
Auto option spread detection
Export Management
Fine-grained Import Management
Advanced Trade/Day Share Settings
Private View-only Account Sharing
Advanced Performance/ Dashboard Share Settings
Specific Portfolio Dashboard Sharing
Image Stockcharts per Trade
Indicators per Chart
Available Imagae Chart Indicators
Image Stock Chart Types
Candlestick, OHLC, Heikin-Ashi, Renko, Volume Bars
Candlestick, OHLC, Heikin-Ashi, Renko, Volume Bars
Any-Symbol Custom Stockcharts
Copy/Add Chart to Day/Trade-view
Draw/Edit Charts and Images
Auto plotted TradingView charts
Charts View
Chart Trades View
Sub-minute charting for futures
Custom global settings for TradingView charts
Global TradingView charts templates
Chart View with TradingView charts
Intraday Options Pricing Chart
Statistics, Charts & Metrics
Chart Categories
Trade Analysis (All except market-based charts), Date-related Charts (80+ base charts)
Trade Analysis, Grouped Analysis, Performance Analysis, Date-related Charts (100+ base charts)
Trade Analysis, Grouped Analysis, Performance Analysis, Date-related Charts (150+ base charts)
Explore chart data point
PnL charts only (10)
All charts
All charts
Custom Trade Reports
Equity Curve Comparison
Risk/ Performance statistics
Weekly PnL View
Running PnL Chart
Auto Insights
Options Greeks vs Performance Analysis
Trades vs Market Performance Analysis
Trading Trend Analysis
AI-powered statistic widgets
100% Custom Tag Groups & Analysis
Best Exit Analysis Charts
EOD Exit Analysis Charts
Multi-timeframe exit Analysis
Running PnL Analysis Charts
Trading Plans/ Checklist and Mistake Analysis
100% custom statisics and mistakes/strategy tracking
Dashboard Features
Dashboard-wide R-value/Point/Tick toggle
Daily watchlist
Artificial Intelligence Question & Answer
Natural language query -> Data, Charts & Analysis
100% Customizable dashboards
(x 1)
(x 10)
Global Trades Filtering
Table w/ Charting built-in/ Advanced Table filters
Real-time note taking and merging
Dedicated Notes Management Tab
AI Notes
Trade + Market Data -> Automated Insights + Technical Analysis
Custom table columns
Unified View
Pivot+Grid Charting
Most powerful analytics feature available online
Custom Stats/ Plan/ Trading Checklist + Plans Management
Trading Tools & Other Features
Symbol Research Dashboard
Stock Fundamental Analysis
SEC 13F Data Analysis
Group Compare Trades
Advanced Trading Simulator (multi symbol, multi timeframe)
Simulate & replay Stock, Futures, Forex and even Options - second by second!
Trade Replay
Universal Trading Simulator Advantage: Simulate 40,000 tickers from all supported exchanges, global indices, and even cryptocurrencies!
Seasonality Charts Bounus: Create seasonality-based Portfolios!
Options Flow Dashboard
Options Flow Scanner
Options Execution Simulation/Backtest
Technical Analysis Backtesting
70+ Indicators, Backtest on any symbol with any indicator combo
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