How to create a custom dashboard in TradesViz


This has been the most requested feature in the last few months and it's finally here! You can fully customize your dashboard to include ANY charts and ANY statistics you want (more widgets coming soon!) 

To create your own dashboard, navigate to "Custom dashboard" under "Overview" tab on your TradesViz home page. 


You will initially see a blank page. To add "Widgets", click on "Add widget" button at the top.

Once you click on the Add widget button, you will see a widget placeholder box with a plus icon in the middle. Click on this Plus icon to open a popup where you can select what type of widget you want to turn this placeholder into. 


As of now, you can select from ALL the stats (80+) available in the overall statistics section and all the charts (70+) available from the trade analysis charts section - more will be added soon! 

With this, the dashboard pretty much becomes your own canvas where YOU decide what you want to see! Every widget can be moved around, reorganized, resized to your preferences. All of these settings are saved to your profile so you don't need to worry about this being cleared every time you log out or clear your cache! 

Here are some example dashboards: 

We have always focused on flexibility whilst still keeping our UI as simple, easy to use as possible. With this custom dashboard, we unlock a whole new level of flexibility and potential future features for users to explore and make use of! 


Update 11th Feb 2022:

You can now add multiple custom dashboards!

You can also add the 3 main tables - trades table, symbol table, and day table as widgets to your dashboard thus making TradesViz custom dashboards a complete solution for any trader looking to view all their stats and info in one page! 

On top of this, you can now set ANY custom dashboard as your landing dashboard (homepage) by visiting your settings page here: and setting the dashboard in the "Homepage tab" section.

Here are some more samples of what you can create with custom dashboards:


Update 1st Feb 2023:

Multiple new widgets added:

  • Account equity curve is now available as part of the charts widget
  • Calendar widget
  • Multiple stats widget

This completes the TradesViz dashboard - you can now view any stat/widget on the custom dashboard. 

Do you like this feature? Want us to add more widgets? Need any help with creating a custom dashboard for you? Contact us at [email protected]!

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