How to import trades automatically (auto-sync trades)!

By TradesViz in Auto Import Trades

The biggest problem we have faced as product developers and as traders with TradesViz is: importing trades. We support over 100 brokers/platforms for manual import but let's be honest. This is 2020++ and we need to automate these mundane processes. 

Now we are very close to solving that problem with this new feature!

You can now automatically import your trades from selected brokers into your TradesViz account safely and accurately with just a click of a button. No need to follow instructions to download csv files, no need to fiddle with options, no need to drag and drop files - just 1 click and you will have all your imported to your TradesViz account. How to do this? let's explore!

When you now visit page, you will see an additional option called "Auto import trades" on the left side. Click on it and you will have options to set up an auto account syncing/pairing with various brokers.

To link a broker/platform to your TradesViz account, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the trading account into which you want the trades to be imported automatically 
  2. Select the broker/platform in the next dropdown
  3. Finally, click on the "Connect account" button

This will open a popup box with content that varies according to the broker you selected. Note that each broker has a unique way of pairing with your TradesViz account.

Once you connect pairing to your account, when you select a trading account in the first dropdown, you will see a list of paired brokers with options to sync and delete the pairing. Once you turn on the sync every 24-hrs option, that's it! Without ANY action from your side, your trades will be automatically synced every 24-hrs! You can also manually click on "sync" anytime you want - you don't even need to worry about duplicates because they are all taken care of in our databases. 

So far, we have auto-integration support for the following platforms:

  1. Interactive Brokers (Sync/account connection instructions)
  2. TD-Ameritrade (Sync/account connection instructions)
  3. Tradestation (Sync/account connection instructions)
  4. PropReports/CMEG/Any platform using PropReports as backend (Sync/account connection instructions)
  5. Robinhood (Sync/account connection instructions)
  6. Tradier (Sync/account connection instructions)
  7. Oanda (Sync/account connection instructions)
  8. Binance/Binance US (Sync/account connection instructions)
  9. Google Drive (ANY broker/platform) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  10. Bybit (Sync/account connection instructions)
  11. NinjaTrader (Real-time auto-sync instructions)
  12. Kraken (Sync/account connection instructions)
  13. Bitstamp (Sync/account connection instructions)
  14. KuCoin (Sync/account connection instructions)
  15. Bitget (Sync/account connection instructions)
  16. Gemini (Sync/account connection instructions)
  17. SierraChart (Real-time auto-sync instructions)
  18. Webull (Sync/account connection instructions)
  19. Zerodha (India) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  20. Coinbase (Sync/account connection instructions
  21. Questrade (Sync/account connection instructions
  22. Dhan (India) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  23. Tradovate (Sync/account connection instructions)
  24. Rithmic (Sync/account connection instructions)
  25. Angel One/Angel Broking (India) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  26. TradingView & All platforms that are tradable via TradingView (Sync/account connection instructions)
  27. Alpaca (Sync/account connection instructions)
  28. Deribit (Sync/account connection instructions)
  29. Fyers (India) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  30. OKX (Sync/account connection instructions)
  31. MetaTrader (Real-time auto-sync instructions)
  32. dYdX (Sync/account connection instructions)
  33. TastyWorks/TastyTrade (Sync/account connection instructions)
  34. cTrader (Sync/account connection instructions)
  35. Phemex (Sync/account connection instructions)
  36. BingX (Sync/account connection instructions)
  37. Coinex (Sync/account connection instructions)
  38. Mexc (Sync/account connection instructions)
  39. MetaTrader 4 (FTP) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  40. Metatrader 5 (FTP) (Sync/account connection instructions)
  41. E-trade (Coming soon)

We are constantly trying to add more brokers/platforms to our auto-import list. If you would like to help us by being a beta tester for the platform/broker you use, please contact us at [email protected] - this will only accelerate the progress and together we can help many traders all over the world have an effortless journaling experience! We would very much appreciate your efforts and help if you can volunteer for being a beta tester for our new feature!

Note that regarding security features - we will explain what data is exposed to us and what we have access to in our following blog posts which have instructions on how to pair your account with every currently supported broker. The gist is that - we NEVER have edit/execution capabilities to your account. All brokerages/platforms are very stringent about this so all we have is very limited read-only data from your account.

If you have any concerns or questions about this feature, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]!