1.                  What is TradesViz?

TradesViz is a tool to help you log, visualize and analyze your trade all under one place - it's the most versatile online trading journal for traders from all markets of any exeprience level. On top of offering journaling services, we also offer simulation, backtesting, charting, options flow and more data visualization features all under one roof.

TradesViz starated off as just a trading journal in 2019 and it has now evolved to support 150+ brokers. We help traders from over 100+ countries import and analyze trades with 600+ charts and statistics.

We are focused on providing cutting-edge analytics to traders so TradesViz constantly updated with the latest metrics, charts, visulization tools and other features. You can check our progress on new features and on how to effectively use TradesViz via the guides and updates we post on our blog.

If you want to learn more about the state of trade journaling and how we compare to other competitiors, take a look at our State of trade journaling post here.

2.                  Why should you use TradesViz?

If you truly want to learn about your trading behaviour, analyze your trading patterns and learn WHY a particular metric of your trading changes, TradesViz is the only platform that let's you do all that and more. Our custom made compare groups feature lets you compare up 4 different groups of trades where you can set fine-grained filter settings and compare 1000s of trades verses each other and to pin point your strengths, weaknesses and make note of them.

On top of this, a trading journal is a MUST for any trader - beginner or a veteran. It's your guidebook to success and record of all your experiences. TradesViz helps in automating away a lot of tedious tasks such as importing, manually adding charts etc., and provides you with a seamless experience where you only have to analyze your trades and learn from them.

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