What is TradesViz?

TradesViz is a tool to help you log, visualize and analyze your trade all under one place. Upload images, charts and draw/write on them with our custom built editors - no more manually storing files or images in 10 different folders! You can share your trading days, trades, setup mentor-trainee account sharing with other trades on TradesViz.

Why should you use TradesViz?

If you truly want to learn about your trading behaviour, analyze your trading patterns and learn WHY a particular metric of your trading changes, TradesViz is the only platform that let's you do all that and more. Our custom made compare groups feature lets you compare up 4 different groups of trades where you can set fine-grained filter settings and compare 1000s of trades verses each other and to pin point your strengths, weaknesses and make note of them.

Want to talk?

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