How to write notes during trading and automatically merge them with your trades

By TradesViz in How-To

Yet another long-standing request from many of our users and we just got to implement it fully! 

Here is a gist of what this feature does and the problems it solves:

You write down your notes during trading on another platform or within TradesViz (misc. notes) - things like entry reasons, news, etc., 

But how do you merge them into the trades you made during the time you took the notes? 

This is exactly what this feature solves!


Simply click on the new notes button at the top of your dashboard or "Add note" in the Notes tab and you will see the above box popup. 

During trading, make sure to check the "Add this note to a trade of closest time" checkbox and set your time (it is auto-populated with the current time), and save your note. 

Once you are done trading, import/sync your trades and your notes will be added to the trade which has an execution closest to the time mentioned in the notes box when you wrote the note.

Here is an example of the above note merged with a trade:

Note that the max time slack/difference must be within 20 minutes - i.e, as long as the note is made between the time 20 mins before and after the execution, it will be matched by the system and added to the trade automatically.

This eliminates the step of writing down your notes on another platform or trying to remember them. Since TradesViz already helps you by plotting the trades on various charts, with this feature, you can do real-time journaling without losing any information and with very little effort!

We hope this feature makes your journaling easier! 

Please let us know your feedback and any feature requests by emailing us at [email protected].