Multi-type notes template: Assign custom note types to your trades, days and more on TradesViz

By TradesViz in How-To

We first introduced the notes tab (the first time in any online trading journal) in 2020 and added a lot of improvements along the way. In 2023, when we completely revamped TradesViz to v2.0, we made even more utility improvements to the already versatile notes tab. 

Recently, we also launched the world's first automated AI-generated notes for your trades that summarize your trade, provide market insights, what-if analysis, and more. 

All of these updates and improvements are done with a simple goal: to motivate traders to write notes. A trading journal can't be only stats, numbers, and charts. Without notes, a significant portion of the journal's value is lost in our opinion.

With this update, we want to give even more flexibility and increase the ease of use of notes in trades, days, and in the notes tab itself by adding the capability to choose from a list of pre-defined note templates.

For any type of note - trade, day, or even the misc. notes added via the notes tab, you can now select from a list of pre-created templates that can be inserted at any time. We have a detailed notes guide that talks about note templates already but note that these are single, fixed templates that are applied automatically to any new note you open - meaning, while you can still define a template for each type of note (day, trade & misc), you cannot change the template without going to account settings and editing the existing settings.

Whereas, with this update, even if an existing template is added when you open a note, you can still choose from a list of existing note templates for each type of note. Here's what the setup looks like in the account settings (click on "Add/edit/delete existing note templates).

Once you click on Create a note or select any already created note, you will see the popup expand with additional fields such as the type of template, note title, and actual note content. You may find this UI very familiar because it's the same design we used for the day/trade plans setup which was one of the most appreciated and used features of TradesViz in 2023. 

It is important to remember once you select a note template type for a note template, it will only appear in the dropdown list of that particular note type. For example, the above screenshot shows "Trade note" type is selected. That means this template will appear in the templates list only when you open/create a trade note and not any other note type. 

This way, you can easily organize your notes. Here are some useful use cases:

  • Depending on your trade - win/loss/breakeven or strategy, you can quickly attach an appropriate note template when adding/editing your trade note
  • Based on the type of trading day - i.e. if you are trading based on economic events or earnings, you can change up your note styling and choose a note with the information more in line with the type of trading day you completed or are expecting to go into.
  • For misc notes, since there's no "pre-defined" concept of what should be added here (unlike trade or day notes), you can create templates for weekly notes, monthly notes, your trade ideas, etc., 

The possibilities are endless. The goal is to make note-taking simpler and more interesting and we believe this feature does exactly that.

Do you have any ideas on how we can improve this? Or do you have questions on how it can be applied to your specific trading style? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. While other journals just say that "it's built by traders for traders", we have a history of 150+ blog posts proving that a lot of improvements, features, and ideas come from our team's discussions with 1000s of traders over the last 3+ years. We are always extremely grateful for your thoughts, ideas, and feedback and we hope you will continue to provide and support us with the same for the future also! :)