AI Summary: Combining your trade data + Market data to auto-generate notes

By TradesViz in Introduction

TradesViz is the first and only trading journal in the world to develop, deploy, and successfully help traders with real AI features that have made journaling anlaysis easier.

You can read all about our AI Query features here: 

The purpose of AI query is to let you search and analyze your data via simple natural language queries. So far, this feature has helped thousands of traders get unique, personalized, and customized statistics that are impossible to get normally without a lot of manual data processing effort.

Today, we are launching another AI feature to help traders take notes. While note-taking is the cornerstone of journaling, due to advancements in quantitative analysis, and the effort required to make notes based on market conditions, manual note-taking is being given less preference by traders of the current generation.

However, the journaling process is incomplete without qualitative anlaysis and that's why we want to fill in the gap between the effort needed to write notes - at least, we believe our AI notes feature will help make note-taking and editing more efficient.

From today, when you visit your trade explore page on TradesViz, you will see an "AI notes" button at the top of the notes section.

Once you click on that, you will see the generated AI summary popup in a box within a few seconds. At the bottom, you will see a button to add the generated summary to your trade notes section. Note that the AI summary might take longer depending on the AI service's server loads. Here's an example of what you may see:

The sections we generate summaries for are:

  • Trend and volatility of the underlying when the trade was taken
  • What if exit scenarios based on candle stick patterns, chart patterns that could have been taken during the trade
  • Candlestick patterns in the OHLC data
  • Chart patterns in OHLC data
  • Support and resistance lines

How does this work?

There's a LOT of scope and advancements that will be done in the future - as AI models are rapidly evolving, we have already seen a huge improvement in the quality of summaries in just one month of development. With recent releases of AI models being really powerful, we hope to provide even more high-quality insights in future iterations of AI notes.

It is important to understand how we get this summary data.

We use the numeric values of your trade such as open, close, quantity, and price along with pre-processed market data from our side to generate these summaries. Unlike the AI Q&A where no data is sent outside TradesViz, this feature requests us to send data to Open AI/Google AI servers to use their models.

Therefore, as per our terms, you are given a consent form that you can agree to and opt out of at any time - we are extremely careful about how we handle your data. In the future, we will try to add more options to generate summaries purely based on the market alone or maybe we will even have an in-house AI model! But for now, we want to leverage the best available models to give you the best insights and for this, we need to use state-of-the-art models.

Note that ONLY the trade data that you are generating the AI summary for is sent outside - nothing else. This does not include any other personal info or account details. We are trying to be as transparent and clear as possible in how the feature works so that there is no confusion on data usage. 

Finally, there are limits to this feature:

  • Right now, summaries of current-day trades can only be generated the next day (due to data availability on our side). However, you can generate AI notes for any of your historical trades at any time.
  • This only works on supported exchanges - US, IN, AU and CA.
  • Right now, only stocks, futures, forex, and CFDs (data based on futures) are supported. Options are not yet supported due to the complexity of data, but we are revamping our options data infrastructure to be blazing fast soon so this is likely to support options trades also.
  • This feature is available for Pro and Platinum members with different usage limits. We are launching this feature with a limit of 10 AI notes per day for Pro and 20 for Platinum. These limits will increase based on user feedback and as we get more data on the usage/demand of the feature and as infrastructure gets better.

How can you use this?

First, try to generate AI notes for the trades you make every day - at least the most important ones. When you generate an AI summary, you get info about candlestick patterns, chart formations, what-if analysis, a summary of traded assets during that time, etc, - all of this when accumulated over 10 or even 20 trades is a HUGE amount of information to learn from - all generated for your automatically.

In trade journaling and analysis, it's not always quantitative data that matters (pnl, vol, mfe/mae, r-value, win %, etc.,) but also qualitative information. For example, it's not possible for you to look back at 100s of trades, analyze each chart, and write down a summary every day - that's why AI notes exist -- to reduce the burden of simple anlaysis and leaving it to AI and only adding your own subjective thoughts and insights.

To do all of these types of anlaysis and searching, use the notes tab.

Just search for AI or summary or any similar keyword and you have an entire trading book of all your trades to read :)

Since you can tag and easily search your notes, you can even search for context like "double top" to search for trades where a double top happened.

We hope this example gives you a tiny outlook into how powerful the features are of the TradesViz trading journal and how one feature augments the utility of another. 

This level of note management, anlaysis, and ease of use is not available anywhere. Don't trust us? Try any other competitor :)

A lot more integration and true AI-powered journaling features are coming to TradesViz - and the trade journaling field as a whole. Traders who utilize the best technologies get ahead faster than others. 

Your feedback on features for features like these matters a lot! We will continually fine-tune the AI summary logic on our end to make the notes more useful to look back and learn from. If you encounter any issues/questions or would like to see additional summaries/data/content, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].