AI Daily Summary: Get daily suggestions and insights based on your trading data

By TradesViz in Introduction

TradesViz trading journal has been at the forefront of analysis and journaling. There's no similar platform that's even close to 5% of what TradesViz is capable of. Our AI features have been industry-first and have benefitted tens of thousands of traders. Here's a summary of our existing AI features:

AI Query:

AI Widgets:

AI Trade Notes:

We currently live in an era where a lot of functionalities that we've been using for years/decades have been augmented by advanced AI to provide us with more value. That's why we want to focus on building *useful* AI features into TradesViz to leverage the already existing 1000s of data points each trader generates. 

Today, we are launching our next AI feature: AI Daily Insights 

We've heard this too often and we're sure you have experienced this too - repetitive mistakes and lack of preparedness often lead to poor training performance. This is the main reason 90% of the new traders fail.

How can we solve the lack of preparedness? 

  • By reviewing past trades
  • By checking past performance trends 
  • By looking at the day-/time-based seasonality of your trading performance 
  • By making sure you are aware of the economic and macro events that could affect your trading

Ok, seems simple enough right?

But why is no one doing it?... 

Let's face it: We're all lazy... well, let's just say it's a spectrum ;) 

and this is what we are trying to solve using the AI daily insights. This feature uses all of your recent trades made before a certain date and provides 10 insights that talk about ideal timings to trade, duration to hold, symbols to focus on, tags/strategies to avoid or to look into, and more.

The AI insights tab

First, you can access the AI insights by clicking on the Tools section in the main dashboard. Once on the AI insights page, you will see a list of options at the top. They are explained below:

  • Lookback days: The no. of days to get trades from. For example, if you have mentioned 10 as the lookback period, the system will consider all trades from 10 days before the "Summar for date" date.
  • Max trades: Max no. of trades to pick from the lookback period. Counting will start from the most recent till the oldest. 
  • Summary for date: The date for which you want the insights to be generated. For example, if today is 20th June 2024 and you want to generate a summary based on your historical trades from 19th May and before, enter the date as 2024-06-20 (YYYY-MM-DD) format.
  • Copy button: You can copy the generated insights to your clipboard or add it as a misc note or a day note (if a day note for this day already exists, the content will be appended to it).

In the above example, we have asked the system to generate insights for 2022-03-18 based on 20 most recent trades in the last 7 days from before 2022-03-18. 

You can see from the insights that the AI uses all the available information to derive useful advice that you can keep in mind.



The insights are all 100% AI generated and TradesViz takes no responsibility for the results of your actions should you choose to follow them. Do your research, and use this as an additional data point.

The goal is to provide you with a quick summary of your recent trades to remind you of the pitfalls you may have experienced recently.

Remember the 4 points we mentioned above about preparedness? this addresses all of that.


  • The more data you have, the more detailed your insights will be. 
  • The more tags you have, the more useful your insights will be.

We've been saying this for a year now: *please* tag your trades! 


A LOT of the features we've introduced recently - AI query, pivot grid, tag group anlaysis, and now AI insights ALL make use of your tags heavily. It's one of the ONLY ways to add qualitative information to your trades. We've already automated the addition of notes to your trades using AI. Tags will be next - BUT, nothing beats manual review and tagging as that reinforces what you've learned on that day. 

Data Processing & Consent, Limits

We take data privacy seriously at TradesViz and are fully transparent about how your data is processed. This feature uses AI models from Google/OpenAI and thus, requires us to send your trading data (based on the lookback days, summary date, and max trades) to their servers. Since data is sent outside of TradesViz, as per our terms, you are given a consent form that you can agree to and opt out of at any time - we are extremely careful about how we handle your data. In the future, we will try to build an in-house AI model! But for now, we want to leverage the best available models to give you the best insights and for this, we need to use state-of-the-art models.

Note that ONLY the trade data (open, close, price, date, tags, and other numeric info) are sent. This does not include any other personal info or account details. We are trying to be as transparent and clear as possible in how the feature works so that there is no confusion on data usage. This also applies to the AI notes feature so if you have agreed to use that feature, you will be able to use this feature also. Only you can activate/use this feature and it's impossible for us to do it for you. If you have opted in and wish to opt-out, please email us at [email protected] and we will remove your consent. 

Finally, we have capped the limit to 5 AI summaries per day for the Pro tier and 10 for Platinum. This is to make sure we have an idea of the usage and going forward, we will increase these limits slowly. 

Future of AI & Journaling 

We hope to bring more AI-powered features not for the sake of adding AI to the product name like many competitors and similar products, but to provide actual value. 1000s of AI notes and 10,000+ AI queries have been generated so far - we've proven that even the AI feature we've realized is not without use or meaning and it has had a significant positive impact on the traders of TradesViz. 

Our hope is for TradesViz users to use all of these features to enhance not only journaling but also the process before and after journaling: preparing for trading and reviewing your trades. 

TradesViz over the last year has shaped up to be way more than just a simple journal. Our core strength is and will always remain journaling and trade analysis which we've excelled in for the last 4 since our launch. 

In the future, you can expect the AI daily summary feature to tell you about events, and open trades that you have and combine it with our existing options flow, seasonality, and earnings data to give you a 360-degree picture of the market *specific* to your trades and type of trading. 

Your feedback on features for features like these matters a lot! We will continually fine-tune the AI summary logic on our end to make the daily insights more useful to look back on and learn from. If you encounter any issues/questions or would like to see additional summaries/data/content, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].