Update: Sub-minute (5s, 15s, 30s) timeframe for futures trades

By TradesViz in General

No. of trade shifting to futures trading or increasing their exposure in it has increased drastically in the last year or two. This has also bought in a lot of scalpers who care A LOT about sub-minute timeframes because most fo the executions are made in tick-level charts or in timeframes lower than 1 minute.

So far, no online trading journal has offered sub-minute trades plotting for futures. You can now do this in TradesViz trading journal. Here's an example:

1-minute chart:

30-seconds chart:

5-second chart:

Lower timeframes with auto-plotted executions allow you to get far more information on what happened in between every single execution you took. 

This is available for all US futures symbols as well as CFD indices mapped to US futures. Here's a short GIF showing the change from a higher to a lower timeframe:


TradesViz brings another one-of-a-kind feature to the trading journal world - this time, for futures traders! We hope to bring a lot more features, new analysis, and journaling capabilities to TradesViz journal in the coming year! 

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