Sep 2023 to Apr 2024 Updates: TradesViz Trading Journal v2.0, Universal Simulator, 100% Auto-sync brokers, AI Features & Plenty of improvements!

By TradesViz in Changelog

So far, this has been a year of constant refinement and improvements in TradesViz. It's been quite a while since our last changelog update (Aug 2023) and since we launched TradesViz v2.0, we wanted to push off on changelog updates until we did a 100% completion of TradesViz v2.0 transition along with all the new feature we introduced with it.

A major part of this changelog is going to be the improvements we did *after* v2.0 as we have very detailed blog posts and videos covering the TradesViz v2.0 dashboard's features. We will try to do this summary month-wise:

Sep 2023

  • Multi-timeframe Exit anlaysis: We've had best exit, EOD exit and now with this, we're introducing a new type of "what-if" analysis expanding from few minutes all the way to few days. 

  • We started work on TradesViz v2.0 internally 
  • Plenty of broker improvements, fixes, and upgrades (Fyers, TradingView, Allytrade, MT5, CIBC, HeldenTrader, cTrader, Questrade, Schwab, TOS (alt format introduction), etc.)
  • Global TradingView templates: Ability to add chart templates to ALL your TradingView charts in the Trade Explore tab automatically 


Oct 2023


Nov 2023

  • LAUNCHED TradesViz v2.0: A completely revamped dashboard with improvements across the 100s of elements of TradesViz. Focused on using the best available technology for displaying and analyzing charting and tabular data. 
    This was very positively received by tens of thousands of exiting TradesViz users and also made the decision much easier for traders using old, outdated journals to switch to TradesViz for a superior and efficient trade journaling experience.

  • World's first backtester combined with journal: Intraday & EOD backtesting with 70+ indicators 
  • Plenty of first-day feedback was implemented within a few days, squashed many bugs, performance optimizations, and more!
Special announcement: TradesViz was selected as a finalist in the "Best trading anlaysis platform" and "Best portfolio tracker" at Benzinga's FinTech Awards 2023! This is the first and only online trading journal to be selected and recognized at an international FinTech event!


Dec 2023

  • Compare vs Any symbol: A much-requested update - a way to measure your trading performance against ANY symbol you want.

  • Lots of broker module updates and fixes - Fidelity, OKX, Phemex, TradeNavigator, HDFC, Improve Rithmic API sync, Tradovate sync
  • Fix trading simulator bugs in TradesViz v2.0
  • Launch TradesViz v2.0 version of options flow dashboard
  • Add all exchanges and symbols to the seasonality analysis 
  • Launch TradesViz v2.0 version of seasonality dashboard 
  • Improvements to trading calendar
  • Launch TradesViz v2.0 version of public trades and days 


Jan 2024


Feb 2024

  • Improve symbol data fetching speed for all simulators, add pre/post market data toggle for multi-sim 
  • Fix grid/table issues/bugs, options chart zoom issue, improved/updated modules of brokers such as TD365, IBKR, CQG, Kraken Robomarkets
  • Improve AI widgets, unified view
  • Launch open trades summary: It was high time we added features for managing trades for swing and long-term traders. Instead of applying filters, this single tab shows you ALL info about unrealized pnl, open risk, and more of all open trades. 
  • Lots of improvements to the SEC13F page's tables and charts 
  • Use better AI models used in AI Q&A logic
  • Add 100% auto-sync for Schwab (First trading journal to have 100% sync for Schwab!), MetaTrader 4/5 using FTP sync 

  • A completely updated guide for the TradesViz v2.0 account settings launched


Mar 2024

  • v2.0 updated guides about new features and UI/UX improvements in calendar tab, equity curve tab, group apply functions, and notes tab.

  • Broker module upgrades included Colmex, DAS, Coinbase, MEXC, Tradethepool and more
  • Fix edge-case bugs with equity curve, options flow charts, Sierra sync, and limit orders in the trading simulator.
  • Update Ninjatrader auto-sync indicator with more features
  • Added more custom dashboard widgets
  • New AI feature: AI Notes. For the first time ever, TradesViz is still the only trading online training journal with 2 AI features - AI Q&A which has helped traders analyze trades by jun asking questions to the system, and now - AI notes which can be automatically generated in each trade explore page. AI note uses a combination of your trading data, market context data, technical analysis data to generate notes that summarize your trade's performance including comments on *relevant* technical analysis ALL automatically!

  • Added more AI models for AI notes gen (still experimental) 
  • Improve backend processing capacity to handle the new influx of traders and increase usage of features since the v2.0 launch
  • Improvements to Schwab API for auto-sync


Apr 2024

  • Launch advanced commissions profile: Ability to add fine-grained commissions/fees to even individual symbols per trading account or even wild-card matching to enable easy automation of adding necessary data even if the broker does not report it.

  • Fix bugs with trading simulator, running pnl, week view, 
  • Improve and update broker modules such as FXCM, Oanda, City Index, and update MT5 auto-sync indicator.
  • Seasonality Portfolios: Experiment with analyzing the combined seasonality of a list of symbols to leverage the seasonal trends of stocks. 

  • Added dashboard knowledge search bar: You can now search the entire 170+ blog posts, FAQs, and 600+ stats and charts from a single search bar in your dashboard.

  • Multi-type notes template: The next level of flexibility of note-taking in trade journaling. Instead of having one global note, you can now have multiple pre-define global note templates for each type of note: day, trade, and misc. and apply them at any time! 

  • Added ability to select from Tradovate accounts when setting up sync - thus avoiding mistakes when entering account ID.
  • Added %nogroup% for global filters to search for trades without tag groups
  • Improve static chart generation speed/efficiency
  • Fix limit orders in the TradesViz options chain simulator 
  • Universal trading simulator: For the first time ever, it is possible to simulator stocks, futures, forex, even indices, crypto from ALL over the world (US, CA, IN, AU) - ~40,000+ symbols in the same place. TradesViz is the first trading journal to have a global trading simulator thus providing trading practice and support for traders from all over the world! 
That sums up all the major updates, changes, and improvements we've made in the last 8 months! 


What you've seen above is the cutting-edge features and technology available in the realm of trade journaling at the moment. There are no similar tools or competition that even match 10% of what we offer - Yes, that's accurate. Don't believe us? Try it out.

There have been constant updates every week/month since our inception in 2020. We've pushed the boundaries of ease in trade journaling by integrating with ~40 brokers/platforms in the world (the largest list), added 600+ statistics and widgets, and the first FinTech software to introduce AI-based Q&A for anlaysis of trading execution data. On top of this, we are the only trading journal, or rather, the only platform to have simulation for every single asset type under one roof. 

As we move towards our goal of providing every trader with the highest quality tools for journaling, anlaysis, note-taking, syncing of trades, and a lot more. 

If you are looking for the finest and most updated, frustration-free platform with excellent chat/email support, your search ends here. 

To sum up, the last 8 months have been full-on non-stop dev work for our team and we are glad to hear positive feedback from the community. Your support and feedback are what keeps us going and we hope for your continued support in the coming years to come also!

Looking into the future road map, you can expect to see features that are more in line with our mantra of "ultimate customizability" come to trade explore and day explore pages along with improvements to the overall UI of the dashboard. We are also planning features related to trade plans and a whole new way to track your trading progress. 

As always, most of what you see in this blog post comes from our interactions with traders/users of TradesViz. While others may say "built by" traders, what more do we have to say than having a track record of heavily utilizing feedback in all of our updates for over 4 years? :) We will always look forward to your emails, chats, and feature requests! Keep em coming and together, we will create a trading analysis platform that's even better than the TradesViz v2.0 that we are having now!