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New feature: Multi-timeframe Exit PnL analysis - What if you exited your trade after a day or two?

Have you ever wondered what would have happened to your trade if you had exited after 5 minutes? 1 hour? maybe after 2 days? It can be eye-opening to see these stats generated automatically for every single trade you take!

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Feb 2023 to Aug 2023 Updates: AI analytics, Pivot grids, Trading plans, Options chain simulators and more! - Biggest TradesViz updates!

One of the biggest updates TradesViz has had since our launch. MASSIVE game-changing and world-first features were launched in the last 6 months. These features completely changed the trade journaling landscape putting TradesViz at the top of every trader's journaling tool preferences. Pivot grids, AI analytics, simulations, trade plans, and more - read on to learn more!

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Advanced journaling analysis with pivot grid: Examples and use-cases

Want to fully utilize the power of the new pivot grid? Check this blog. Read the blog see detailed used-cases of how you can utilize the pivot grid's power to understand your trading data better.