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State of Trade Journaling: What are traders looking for in 2023?

What's the current scenario of trade journaling? How important is it in the current market conditions? What should YOU be looking for in a trading journal before choosing one?

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Adding deposits and withdrawls to your trading accounts

Monitor your entire account value with deposits and withdrawals tracking within TradesViz!

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New feature: Continuous PnL view for trades and trading days + Fixed timeframes

What to know how you performed in-between every trade in a trading day or in-between every execution in a trade? Take a look at the all-new continuous pnl charts - now available in all trade and day explore charts!

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All about interactive charts

Charts dominate most of the tabs in TradesViz and they are the central element of interactivity. Learn how to navigate through the 70+ charts and also how to use features like click to explore and filter.