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Simulation, Replay & Backtesting in TradesViz: A complete A-Z guide to using all the simulators to improve your trading

On top of being the most powerful trading journal in the world, we also offer stock, forex, futures, and options simulation - yes, real, second-by-second simulation for all asset types. How can you effectively use this? How is this tied to your trading account? What are the different ways to practice? This all-in-one guide will explore all these questions and more!

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Intraday and EOD Backtesting with 70+ Indicators for any asset type

Another big addition to the TradesViz platform: A full-fledged backtester for any asset type on any timeframe with almost any indicator combination. Powered by the infinitely flexible EZstockscreener, you can now do quick and easy backtesting on TradesViz itself.