New feature: Dashboard Points/Ticks toggle (Switch all charts from PnL to Points/Ticks)

By TradesViz in Introduction


A few months back, we released a feature that lets traders switch charts from PnL to R-value. This was very useful to a lot of traders and we had more requests to do more PnL -> [X] conversions. Among these, the most popular request was to view PnL in ticks and points - especially for futures traders.

This feature does exactly that. You can now turn almost ALL the charts in your dashboard to Points or Tick based instead of PnL based with just a single click.

To do this, click on "Filters" at the top right corner and select "Points" or "Ticks" in the "Charts Statistics" section:

and that's it! Your main dashboard and all the PnL charts in the following sections will be changed to either Points or Ticks based instead of PnL based on your selection:

  • Overview > Daily Statistics
  • Trades Analysis Charts > Profit and Loss
  • Trades Analysis Charts > Symbols
  • Trades Analysis Charts > Tags
  • Trades Analysis Charts > Symbol groups
  • Trades Analysis Charts > Sectors
  • Date Charts > Day-grouped Charts
  • Date Charts > Calendar-grouped Charts
  • Technical Analysis Charts > Market vs Indicator
  • Technical Analysis Charts > Symbol vs Indicator
  • Options Trades Analysis Charts > Profit and Loss

Important note: Since we just launched this feature, you may need to re-calculate all your trades to make sure the point and tick values are calculated for your trades. This will be automatically done for all future imports. You can easily re-calculate all your trades by clicking on the "Recalculate account Return (All trades)" button on the Money transactions page

Caveat: This mode works best if you only have stocks or futures selected in the asset types in the "Filters" section at the top of your dashboard. This is because "point" or "tick" values summation does not really work well when you combine futures and other leveraged asset types like options. 

Here are some example charts with the "Points" option toggled on:


We have worked on a lot of futures and options asset-specific features and will be launching them soon! Stay tuned and sign up for a free account to the latest updates from TradesViz! 

Have a feature request? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]!