June 2020 Updates: More import platforms, Compare stats and more changes!

By TradesViz in Changelog


Changelog and updates for this month include more broker/platform support, more indicators to plot with, added statistic comparison table to group compare trades page.


We have added import support for Sierra Charts, TEFS, and DAS Trader Pro based on user requests. If your platform is not supported, please send us a sample file along with your platform name to [email protected] and we'll add it as soon as possible! 

Within TradesViz, we have made UI changes - the most prominent being moving the market/symbol-based charts out of the trade analysis charts section. This change will allow us to add more charts combining market data and your own trading data. The new sidebar now looks like this:


For the market and symbol charts, we have added the following indicators/statistics to compare with:

  • % Price gap up
  • % Volume gap up
  • % Price movement
  • % Volume movement
  • 14-day % price change
  • 14-day % volume change

Below is an example chart of PnL plotted against SPY's 14-day % price change:

These statistics are also available in group-compare chart and they give you more info about your trading with respect to the overall market or specific symbols. 

Finally, we have also added a separate tab to the compare trades section where you can view all the statistics that you see in your dashboard in a tabular format so that it's easy to compare between different groups. Remember that you can create ANY trading group here - the possibilities are endless! Just looking at wins vs losses is no longer enough! Create a group for each of your trading setups and strategies and compare them side by side with TradesViz's powerful compare trades feature! 

These are the major updates we have done this month - most of these are actually user-requested changes and features! So please do let us know if you have any feature requests, feedbacks etc., by emailing us at [email protected]! We're always listening! :) 

We have recently added a referral system where you and your referee can get 30% off your subscription! For more details, refer to this post.