Shared accounts: Comments and notes on trades

By TradesViz in How-To

TradesViz gets a new feature: you can now add notes (as shared users) and comments on every trade and trading day on all the accounts that are shared with you!

Before we dive into why this is very useful, we'll make a few clarifications on how the sharing works. While we have explored different types of sharing in another blog post, here, we will focus only on the accounts sharing part.

The underlying feature here is that you can fully share your TradesViz account with another user if you wish to do so. Now, there is a lot of flexibility in this - you can decide exactly what trading accounts you want to share (remember, you can create multiple trading accounts (or portfolios) in your TradesViz account) and also, what views you want to share with another user. All this is managed in the "Shared accounts" tab in the account settings page.

Once you have shared accounts or other users have shared accounts with you, you can do the following:

  • If you are a shared user, meaning, another TradesViz user has shared with you their account and you have viewing permissions to their trades, you can add notes and leave comment replies in any of the account owner's trades or trading days. For example, if you are a user 'X' and users 'Y' and 'Z' have shared their accounts with you. You can view user 'Y''s and 'Z''s accounts and leave rich-text notes and comments on their trades and trading days.
  • If you are a TradesViz account owner and you have shared your account with other TradesViz users, you can reply to notes left by other users with whom you have shared your account.  For example, if you are a user 'X' and you have shared some of your trading accounts with users 'Y' and 'Z'. User 'Y' and 'Z' can look (view-only) at your account (based on the views you have allowed for each user) and leave notes and comment replies on your trades and trading days. You cannot create a note by yourself - use the "Other settings" option on trade and day explore tabs if you wish to do so. This shared user notes feature is purely for communicating with other users within TradesViz itself. 

Here's an example thread started by TraderFoo on a trade in pk78's account:

In the example above, pk78 has shared their trading accounts with TraderFoo - thus, giving TraderFood view-only access to trades and charts - and also allowing TraderFoo to add notes to pk78's trading days and trades. Note again that, pk78 can't start or post a note in this area. If a post or a note has been added they will be visible in a collapsible accordion (like the pic above) as the last section of a trade or day explore tab. The below image shows the position of this accordion (collapsed) in a trade explore view.

Other features and clarifications

A note can be edited or deleted by the poster of the note. The owner of the account can also delete, but not edit the note. Both the owner of the account and the shared user can add a reply to the notes. For the owner of the trade/day, the "Notes from shared users" accordion will only appear if there is any post made by a shared user, but for a user accessing your account, this box will always be shown.

The owner of the trade/trading day can view notes from all the shared users, but a shared user can only view their own notes when viewing someone's account. Using the example above, the user pk78 might have several notes from different TradersViz users (all with whom pk78 has shared their account with), but TraderFoo can only view TraderFoo's notes. 

These features are very useful in mentor-trainee scenarios. A mentor can view several of their student's accounts and post rich-text notes commenting about different trader's performances. Moreover, since in TradesViz, we have a separate view for each trading day, users can also share their daily trading plans with other traders with whom they have shared their accounts with. 


As always, we are continually improving TradesViz to a very versatile tool serving a trader by helping to keep track, log, analyze trades and, socialize with other traders. We highly appreciate any suggestions or feedback so please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].