Unbiased feature comparison: TradesViz vs Competitor 3

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Note: These comparisons are not updated anymore by us because these competitors have not updated their platforms or features in a way enough to compare with the current feature set of TradesViz. This was last updated in 2021 and our current feature set is FAR MORE ADVANCED than what you see here. Check our pricing page: tradesviz.com/pricing/

Therefore, there is no point in us keeping this page updated when our features in 2021 still outshine the features of competitors in 2023...

We have never raised any prices and we never upsell subscriptions.
Our features continue to grow and improve

There isn't any competitor even near 20% of what we offer. 

Don't believe us? Take a 7-day trial and try the features yourself. 

This competitor is another trading journal that has been around for quite a while. They also recently went through a UI/UX revamp yet their journaling features leave a lot to be desired. We take a deeper look by comparing it with the features we offer at TradesViz.

What makes our comparison unbiased? We are not going to pick all the features that we have and they don't and put checkmarks beside it and a cross mark on the competitor column - that's outdated and we know our users are smart enough to notice this. 

Instead, we will pick all the features from the competitor's website on their pricing page for the highest/most expensive plan (at the time of writing this post) and compare them directly with TradesViz! 

Here's the table features comparison table:


Bold feature name: TradesViz-specific features. All other features are taken from Competitor 2.

  • X: Feature not available.
  • O: Feature available.
  • O(f): Feature available in the free version itself.
  • ?: Not enough info to compare the feature.


TradesViz vs Competitor 3
Feature name TradesViz Competitor 3
No. of trades that can be imported Pro: Unlimited
Free: 3000

Pro: Unlimited
Free: 30

Delayed quotes O(f) O
Track multiple accounts O O
Support equities, options, futures, forex, CFDs O O
Support crypto O O
Mistakes tracking O(f) O(f)
Daily journal O(f) O(f)
Individual trade journal O(f) O(f)
Historical performance O(f) O(f)
Key metrics O(f) O(f)
Daytrader report O(f) O(f)
Commission and fees tracking O O(f)
WYSIWYG journal editor O(f) O(f)
Trade history calendar O(f) O(f)
Analytics dashboard O(f) O(f)
Search journal entries O(f) O(f)
Unlimited trade tagging O(f) O(f)
Unlimited image uploads O(f) O(f)
Portfolio tracking O(f) O(f)
Track deposits and withdrawals O(f) O(f)
Display buys/sells on charts O(f) O(f)
Share your trades O(f) O(f)
PnL Simulator O O
Instrument ranking O(f) O
Distribution by time/market conditions/tags/etc., O(f) O
Strategy rankings O O
Fundamental research O(f) O
Export your trades O O
Fully custom stats & charts dashboard O X
Symbol research dashboard O X
Side-by-side strategy comparison O X
Static + dynamic charts O X
Ability to draw/write on charts O X
Detailed trade explore O(f) X
Detailed day explore O(f) X
Add notes/tags/images/charts to each day O(f) X
Stock fundamentals visualization O(f) ?
Stock ownership visualization O X
100+ performance statistics O X
Options greeks vs pnl statistics O(f) X
Market vs your performance statistics O X
Auto import features O(f) X
Flexible import/grouping settings O X
Manage each trade import O X
Logical operator search for tables O X
Multiple table views (day, symbol, trade) O(f) X
Support US/Canda/India stocks O(f) X
Ability to detect and merge spreads w/o brokerage labeling O X
Overlay multiple statistics on charts O X
Explore/drill down EVERY datapoint O X
Group apply operations for trades O X
Dedicated Split/merge trade features O(f) X
Auto-generated smart insights for all PnL charts O X
Multi-currency support  O(f) X
Default chart settings (auto add charts on import) O X
Add deposits/withdrawals and visualize them O(f) X
Build custom trade reports O X
Intraday PnL-change charts O X
Unrealized PnL for open trades O(f) X
Unrealized/Realized R-values O X
Risk/reward vs PnL charts and metrics O(f) X
Manually add multi-leg/spread options trades easily O X
Dedicated notes management O X
Trading day sharing O(f) X
Account (view-only) sharing O X


Finally, the most important question: What's the cost? 

TradesViz offers only 1 single paid plan with ALL the features listed above and more. You pay either $20 on a monthly basis or $180 on a yearly basis ($15/mo - 20% discount). That's it - no hidden offers, no discounts after you log in, no marking up the price to give a fake sense of discount. 

Competitor 3 offers 2 plans which at the time of writing costs $20 and $30 on a monthly basis their yearly plans give you a small discount (again, taken at the time of writing this post from their pricing page).

Our conclusion:

Why pay more for a very limited journaling feature set?

Apart from that, we are continually adding new features and on a feature-by-feature basis - even ignoring the cost, TradesViz comes out as the obvious winner. If we include price into consideration, then you are getting more than 3x the features for 70% of the price! ($180 yearly TradesViz vs $250 yearly Competitor 3).

What is your opinion? 

Feel free to reach out to us ([email protected]) if you think this comparison is not fair or if you have any other questions!