Introducing: EZstockscreener - An easy way to screen for the best stocks to trade every day in international markets!

By TradesViz in Introduction

After creating a very versatile post-trading tool where you can analyze and get insights about your trading performance, we set our sights on creating a pre-trading tool where you can now plan out your trading by creating watchlists by screening for the best opportunities among 15,000+ stocks worldwide! This is what EZstockscreener is capable of! 

With over 50+ indicators to choose from, there are limitless combinations of screeners to create and find stocks to trade every day! Using a very simple query language, you can very easily scan for stocks in:

  • US
  • Canada
  • India

Here are some examples of screening results:


Here's how it would like as a table view:

Here are few more examples of stocks in a particular trend - these are easily created using 2-3 lines of query language text. For examples, take a look at the example indicators page here.


Example: Indian stocks with a strong upward trend (continuous green candles)


Example: US stock with an upward and downward trend examples


The possibilities of hiding highly profitable stocks are limitless! This combined with the analytics of TradesViz is guaranteed to make you a stable and consistently profitable trader for a very long time! EZstockscreener is also priced extremely competitively like TradesViz - sign up today and stop missing profitable market opportunities to trade!